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Personal Training


Dena Magelssen, CPT has extensive experience working with Bercutt Physical Therapy's patients. Dena's personal training bridges the gap between finishing physical therapy and exercising on your own.

Dena began teaching bootcamp out on her cul de sac when her children were very young. As interest increased, she began teaching  group fitness classes and taught kick boxing, strength training, and started to coach runners in proper form and conditioning.


She loves to see her clients working hard, getting stronger and having fun. Dena is a certified personal trainer and a group fitness teacher. She enjoys meeting new people and seeing them every week.


In her training sessions, Dena challenges her clients to get stronger and work harder than they would if they worked out on their own, and to leave with a feeling of sense of accomplishment!

Please contact Bercutt Physical Therapy for additional information.

Dena's specialties include;

Sports performance

Marathon Training

Health & Wellness promotion

Cardio and strength Training for all ages

Train for active travel adventures


Unfortunately, personal training is not covered by insurance but we offer self pay rates to those who are interested in staying active and fit.

$85. 45 minute one-on-one session


$45. pp Semi-private (2 people) session

Discounts include;

$400 for a package of 5. 45 minute one-on-one session

Group Training Class with Dena

Personal Training with Dena

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