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Dizzy Spotlight

The Dizzy Spot at Bercutt PT was featured in the health spot on Click2Houston. We  are excited to offer relief for those suffering from vestibular issues. 


Post Surgical

Joint Replacements

Strains - Sprains

General Pain 

Sports Injury

Pelvic Health

Pre/Post Prostatectomy


Pelvic Pain

Painful Intercourse

Overactive Bladder

Vestibular Rehabilitation


Vesitbular Hypofunction

Balance and Gait Issues

Neurological Rehab

Post Concussive Rehab

Pelvic Health


Pelvic Pain

Painful Intercourse

Overactive Bladder


Interstitial Cystitis


Lymphatic Management

Breast Cancer Related Edema/Lymphedema

Chronic Swelling


Scar Management

Post Surgical Swelling

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Hip, Back, Rib Pain

Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction

Diastasis Recti

C-Section Scar Management

Clogged Ducts/Mastitis

Physical Therapy First

Physical therapists are THE musculoskeletal specialists. We dedicate ourselves to understanding how the body moves and use non-invasive techniques to help you heal yourself. Surgery and chronic pain can often be avoided with physical therapy. For those occasions when surgery is still necessary, outcomes and recovery are greatly improved. Set yourself up for success with Physical Therapy. 

Our Affiliations

We are proud sponsors of the
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  • General Pain: Back, Neck Pain, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Ankle 

  • Vestibular and Neurological Rehab

  • Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Health: Chronic Pelvic Pain, Incontinence, Dyspareunia, Scar Pain, Bladder Pain, Abdominal weakness, Prostatectomy

  • Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema and Post Surgical Edema​

  • Ante and Postpartum Services including Neck, Hip, Rib, Low Back and Pubic Symphysis Pain, C-Section Scar Pain and Adhesion Relief, Diastasis Recti Prevention and Rehab

8 Private Treatment Rooms
2 Large Gyms

2 Lobbies
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"I'm not much of a reviewer, but I had to submit this review. As a mother of a newborn, I had dealt with persistent clogged milk ducts from poor breastfeeding habits (various reasons). By the time I saw Pam, I had tried everything that my lactation consultant recommended and that I researched online. Nothing worked, and Pam was my last resort. After two sessions of her triple therapy (ultrasound, cold laser, massage), she was able to help my baby and I resume our breastfeeding relationship, which was the greatest gift to us both! Plus, I looked forward to my sessions (almost that I was sad that my milk was flowing again, since I couldn't chat with Pam anymore ;) She is so knowledgeable about pre/postnatal wellness and has a great passion for her work!"


- Anneka W. from Yelp

"Kaitlin & Kristin, just wanted y’all to know,I’m so thankful for significant improvement today. In the last 24 hours only used 2 pads with NO clip! Best day ever! I know there’s a lot of work ahead, but I’m so encouraged. Thank you for all your work and encouragement. I look forward to to seeing y’all on July 2nd.We’re looking so forward to our New England 

trip. Leaving in just 2 days!"

-Anonymous male pelvic patient

"I finished up my second session today. The therapy I've received is top notch and I've healed tremendously from an arm tendon issue that has refused to get better for two months! I've been seen by the owner, [Dr.] Bercutt, which is mind blowing because I've never been treated so personally yet professionally at the same time. 
I've had numerous sports injuries and seen many health care professionals. My experience with Bercutt Physical Therapy ranks amongst the best I've ever had. Thank you!"


-Christopher Barron from Facebook

"I'm not much of yelper, but I had to write a review on the best services, because I want other people to be able to enjoy my same experience. I just finished a visit with Pam and my shoulder and elbow are already feeling better. Pam Bercutt is a really really good. She has a great knowledge of the body and finds the right spots that have the injury. She treated me with exercises, she has a new fancy pilates machine that is great to control your movement while doing the exercises as well. She also treated me with dry needles and laser, ... not many other PT like to invest in this. She's very passionate about her practice and I feel like family when I visit their office. The staff is always in great mood which is a plus. Raquel also teaches Yoga classes, and they have also a Robert which I haven't tried yet, but I understand he gives great massages. Anyways, great wellness center."


-Ilham S. from Yelp


"My experience here was truly a blessing. I came in with severe pain and low expectations and now the pain is gone and I can't stop telling everyone about how great this place is. Lydia is exceptional! All the ladies are friendly and the atmosphere is good. I will truly miss coming here."


- Dorothy G.

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