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Is Physical Therapy right for me?

The primary purpose of physical therapy is to address musculoskeletal conditions to restore lost or limited function in daily tasks and improve quality of life. For the therapists at Bercutt Physical Therapy, our second purpose is to empower the client to take back control of their bodies and maintain their success through education, home exercises, and lifestyle adjustments.

Reasons for PT

  • Relieve Pain

  • Restore prior level of functioning from injury or dysfunction

  • Prevent or reduce the need for surgery

  • Prepare for surgery or improve recovery outcomes post surgery

  • Reduce fall risk for patients with compromised balance or stability

  • Restore bowel or bladder function for those with incontinence

Physical Therapist
Girl Hiking in Mountains

Reasons for PT Continued

  • Learn how to decrease compensations

  • Learn pain management strategies

  • Learn how to avoid future injury

  • Learn to optimize movements

  • Learn how to achieve your physical goals

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