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Pelvic Health for
Men and Women

The Pelvic Floor is the "floor of your core". It plays a role in not only core stability but also sexual pleasure, detoxification (bowel and bladder) and breathing. It is taboo to discuss for many and far too often ignored...until now.

Many clients come in apprehensive when addressing pelvic floor issues. They have no idea what to expect and are usually embarrassed by whatever is happening. We can reassure you there is nothing to be embarrassed about. We are aware of the sensitivity, both emotional and physical, surrounding the Pelvic Floor and will always follow your cues. 

Holding Hands

What to expect with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy


The Initial Examination: 

 We try to get as much medical history in the initial evaluation as possible. We may or may not do internal work but we will only do so with your explicit permission. You are allowed to have a chaperone with you if it will make you feel more comfortable. We will discuss your goals, layout a treatment plan and provide a home program to begin ASAP.


Follow Up Appointments:

 Our primary focus is to teach you how to properly activate/deactivate muscles to provide long term relief. Sometimes manual work is necessary other times not.  We may use biofeedback to objectively measure muscular recruitment. Biofeedback may be internal or external. We may also use modalities such as ultrasound or cold laser for pain management or electrical stimulation for muscular recruitment.

Male Diagnoses


Stress/Urge Incontinence

Pelvic Pain

Female Diagnoses


Stress/Urge Incontinence
Interstitial Cystitis

Overactive Bladder

Incomplete Voiding





Pelvic Congestion

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