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Our Philosophy

We offer a unique physical therapy experience. Traditional physical therapy clinics see multiple patients at a time, not giving patients individualized attention. We strongly believe this approach is not fair to patients or therapists and is diluting  the rehab experience. ​

At Bercutt Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, we guarantee 45 minute, one-on-one treatment sessions. We offer private treatment areas in a clean, beautiful facility located centrally in West University Place, Houston. 


Our facility also believes strongly in the importance of education.  All of our therapists have a four year undergraduate degree and have completed accredited Physical Therapy programs.  You will never be treated by a technician.  A great importance is placed on continuing education and our clinicians are constantly taking courses to better themselves and hone their skills. We pride ourselves on being a teaching community and encourage students who are striving to become physical therapists to reach out to us. 

Our Story

Pam Bercutt has spent her life pursuing sport and human performance.  From playing on a boys soccer team in Norway at 10 years of age, to playing at the collegiate level at Colorado College, Dr. Bercutt has always appreciated the effort it takes to train and condition to achieve peak performance.  Since graduating from PT school in 1995, Dr. Bercutt, has challenged her patients to achieve their physical potential and recover safely from injury.  After working for many years in a hospital setting and other outpatient facilities, Bercutt Physical Therapy was conceptualized. 


By having more autonomy and becoming patient-centric without the constraints found within larger institutions, Bercutt Physical Therapy & Wellness Center is able to provide the best experience for their patients and for their employees.  We have created a truly unique, happy place of healing. 


Historically, physical therapy focused on conditioning and rehabilitation of the injured soldier.  Athletes were the next focus.  PT's were the first line of defense to avoid surgery, but were there to strengthen and heal following surgery.  After having survived three knee surgeries and two vaginal births, Dr. Bercutt embraced Pelvic floor rehabilitation, first with women and then with men.  The metamorphosis and growth continued with becoming certified in Manual Lymph Drainage.  We are committed to bringing the best therapy interventions, with the most up to date modalities to your healing journey.  Welcome!

Our Affiliations

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