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Most insurance companies consider physical therapy as a covered medical expense.  As a clinic, we generally accept Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, and Cigna. However, Dr. Bercutt is only accepting BCBS and Medicare. Please call for self pay rates.

Please note that, as of August, 2019, Bercutt Physical Therapy is no longer accepting new Humana patients.

Prior to your first visit, your insurance will be verified by our Office Coordinator. We will let you know exactly how much it costs for each session, as well as how much your insurance company should reimburse you for these services.  Even though we make every effort possible to explain your insurance benefits to you, it is ultimately your responsibility to know your own insurance policy details.  We make NO guarantees of payment by your insurance company.

We accept all Master Card, Visa and Discover, cash, or debit cards. We also honor Care Credit.  We no longer accept American Express. Fees will be collected at the time of service. As a convenience to you, we will have our experienced billing team submit all claims to your insurance company at no extra charge.  Our concierge level billing service allows you and your provider to focus on what matters most – bringing you back to health!

Regardless of whether or not you are covered by insurance, you will need a signed referral from your doctor to begin treatment from a Physical Therapist.

What does Out of Network mean?

Out of network means you will be receiving your care from a medical provider outside of your insurance network. You will be not be able to utilize your in network benefits. 

Why don’t we participate in your network?

It is hard for private practice to advocate for higher reimbursement rates. We do not have the numbers or the financial power hospitals have to negotiate higher contracted private insurance rates. We have always been a 1 on 1 treatment clinic and we do not wish to compromise our treatment approach because of low rates.  We need to be able to collect a reasonable amount for the level of care you have come to expect from individual and private attention.This is why we are not in network with all major insurance companies.


Physician referrals are no longer required for evaluations and follow up treatments, within 10 business days of the initial examination.

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