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Summer Travel Tips

With the lessening of Covid restrictions combined with the strength of the US dollar, people are finally able to book summer travel! Whether you are traveling by planes, trains or automobiles, we have put together some travel trips to help protect your body and keep the good times rolling.

General tips

· Use a backpack with two straps versus one shoulder strap to evenly distribute weight, reducing back pain.

· Get rolling luggage you can push instead of pull.

· Bring your own reusable water bottle everywhere you go. STAY HYDRATED. (Empty prior to TSA screenings).

· Exercise prior to an upcoming trip including stretching and strengthening to lessen travel muscle stiffness.

· If your destination has a pool, get in it and move. Walk or jog the length of it for 10 minutes. The resistance and hydrostatic pressure of the pool is a perfect place for cardio and resistance training.

· Wear sturdy walking shoes for walking activities i.e. shopping, hiking, airport terminals. Flip flops are a major no-no, as they will increase your chances of stumbling and falls.

· When lifting luggage, bend at the hips not at the back, keep bags close to your body, and use your legs.

Car travel tips

· Stop every one to two hours to get up and walk around. Perform simple stretches at the rest breaks.

· Position your mirrors and seat in a manner that encourages best posture practices (ears over shoulders).

· Use cruise control when you can.

· Hydrate!

Airplane travel tips

· Wear compression stockings if your ankles tend to swell.

· Move your body: walking the aisles, ankle pumps, neck circles, etc.

· Sit with your hips and knees at 90 degrees and your feet flat, use a rolled up jacket or airline pillow to support lower back.

· Diaphragmatic breathing: Performing long slow inhalations followed by longer exhalations will help calm the stresses of travel while oxgenating all of our extremities and brain.

· When placing bags in the overhead, break up the motion by first putting the bag on the seat, then lift into the overhead compartment.

· Use curbside baggage check in services for heavier bags.

· Hydrate!

With a little planning and foresight, travel this summer should be enjoyable and restful. Travel on!


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